c.1955 Miss Jessie Calico in Edmonton where she worked at the home of the dentist, Mr O'Brien and his wife.

Jessie Calico 1998 Jessie Calico, 1998
She was released from Yarrabah in the 40's to work with her father who was a groundsman on the property. Jessie's mother died at Yarrabah but her grandmother was allowed to leave and join her son and granddaughter. The Calico family had been compulsorily sent to Yarrabah after being captured when they came to receive their blanket rations in the mid 1930's. Jessie was just a young child when sent away, but she still remembers the camp at Malanda.

Auntie Jessie passed away 15 November 2004

Photo courtesy of the Eacham Historical Society.

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