Thanks are due to the following for their assistance in the preparation of this anthology:

My adopted aunties Jessie Calico, Emma Johnston and the late Elsie Battle. Margie and Ernie Raymont, Vera Ketchel and the Murray Family, Mr Robinson and all the Ngadjonji for their tireless support, patience, good humour and astounding memories.

Julian Hartley, for general support.

Kevin Mackay, who photographed implements and people with enthusiasm and skill.

The Eacham Historical Society, particularly Mr. H. Trantor, who went to a bit of trouble on our account on more than one occassion.

The Cairns Historical Society.

All the authors who have made this study possible, particularly H. Pedley and the Aboriginal people of Jumbun whose wonderful book, Aboriginal life in the rainforest, is sadly out of print.

Nigel Tucker for the use of his reference books and for his encouragement.

Narrell McRobbie (nee Stewart) for research in Canberra.

Ali Cardwell for research at Griffith Uni.

Tony Irvine, who corrected the written Ngadjon and numerous other mistakes.

Margaret Huxley, September 1998.

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