Bajinjilla Arts and Crafts Shop is owned and operated by families from the Ngadjon and Dyirrbal (Jirrbal) people. Sharing their unique rainforest cultural heritage with the community and visitors, the shop celebrates and promotes local indigenous writers, poets and artists.

Bajinjilla is the Dyirrbal name for the drongo bird, sacred to both Ngadjonji and Dyirrbal for its heroic role in the dreamtime story "The Origin of Fire". The Ngadjon name is Bajinjillajilla.

Illustrated here are examples of work by local indigenous artists Nancy Lifu and Margaret Go Sam.

Gugi  - Margaret Go Sam

Budjidji  - Nancy Lifu
Bajinjilla Arts and Crafts is located at
116 Main St Atherton Qld 4885
and can be contacted ph. (O7) 40912602
or fax (07) 40912604