Ngadjonji Website wins Reconciliation Award

Premier Beattie presents Awards

Elders Yvonne Canendo and Ernie Raymont (representing the Ngadjonji)
and Liam Taylor (representing his mother, Margaret Huxley )
receive their Reconciliation Award certificates from
Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie . 27 October 2004.

This website is the result of the efforts of Margaret Huxley (Margi). Margi passed away on 26 August 2004. Two months later, she, together with the Ngadjonji Elders and her friend Julian Hartley (who did the actual site construction) received a Queensland Government Reconciliation Award for the site. Representatives of the Ngadjonji and of Margi's family were flown to Brisbane as guests of the Government and received their Awards from Qld Premier Peter Beattie at a ceremony on 27 October 2004.


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