Vanessa Gertz
Ngadjonji artist

Vanessa Gertz (Goonja Goonja) was born in Atherton; she is one of seven children.

Her mother is a descendent of the Ngadjonji tribe; her father is a descendent of the Gugu Bahdun tribe.

Vanessa has always had an interest in art since a child. The elements of traditional art are still within her, developed with a more stylised use of colour and technique.

Vanessa is a young aboriginal artist who draws from her cultural ancestors, relying on her instincts, dreams and experiences.

Her work has many forms, from murals on masonry walls and conventional canvas work through to T-shirt screen printing and even rock and shell decoration.

She can be contacted by phone on (07) 4091 2940.
Two examples of Vanessa's work decorating the Office of the Nyletta ATSI Corporation where she works.

Vanessa in front of a mural she created at Tolga State School.