buninggar nyinyan worrban nganangu mijangga
Stories from my Country

The work of Ngadjonji artist Warren Canendo, whose tribal name, Wundajilla, means "green possum" in Ngadjon, is represented here by four paintings inspired by stories about his country that he remembers hearing from the old people when he was a child.

All the stories illustrate the Ngadjonji connection with their country. They warn children of the dangers in the forests, celebrate the cycles that link the People and their Spirits with the Land and tell of the shaping of the hills.

Yamani, the Rainbow Serpent who features in two of these paintings, is both the force that formed the natural world and the giver and keeper of tribal law.

Click on an image to see a larger version of the painting and the story that it tells.
"Two naughty children come to a bad end" "Jurra Julam"
"Yamani and the lakes" "As Old as the Hills"
Artwork © Warren Canendo, 1999
Warren can be contacted on (07) 4096 6317
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