Naughty Children

"Two naughty children come to a bad end"

This painting by Warren is a representation of a story he heard from the old people when he was a naughty little boy.

The painting is a story-telling map that depicts a cautionary tale for children of the rainforest, of the two naughty children who disobeyed their elders and wandered away from the camp (mija).

They wander through the forests and over the mountains, getting further and further away from home. Behind them comes Yamani, the rainbow serpent, who can smell naughty children.

The children finally come to the river and, again disobeying their elders, they start to play there. One child falls in and hits his head on the rocks in the fast-running water. When his friend tries to save him he too falls in.

The river sweeps them away to a deep pool where Yamani is waiting to swallow them up.


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